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Neha M Bhhatia
B2B Marketing Consultant

Neha M Bhhatia’s diverse skills enable her to create engaging marketing plans that connect with people. By combining technology with an understanding of behavior she creates campaigns that deliver tangible outcomes

Expert B2B Marketing Consultant | Neha's Services & Insights

Neha M Bhhatia is a B2B leader and marketing strategist known for crafting compelling brand voices and dynamic marketing strategies. With a wealth of experience in brand awareness, strategy, and creating impactful marketing plans, Neha inspires target audiences through content marketing and powerful campaigns.

Her expertise in understanding human behavior, demand generation, and campaign optimization, along with her knack for turning data into actionable insights, sets her apart in the industry. She is technology-savvy, effortlessly bridging the gap between conventional and unconventional in pursuing marketing excellence. Her ongoing influence on the marketing landscape solidifies her as an invaluable asset for B2B brands striving to leave a lasting impact.

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B2B Marketing Services Offerings

My Mantra

My purpose is to positively impact all lives through pioneering principles that will create abundance for everyone. One among these principles is to build resilience and know-how to approach life battles with optimism. The happiness advantage always takes you to unknown territories. People can keep in mind the milestones you accomplish; however, the approach with which you handle life’s challenges will influence them eventually. Life happens, and it isn’t invariably straightforward. You’ll kick it and fight it or see addressing life’s challenges. The most significant challenge of all is dealing with these hiccups. You can’t continually get what you wish. However, you’ll be able to work being “Who” you want to be despite what life throws at you.


How neha Can Help you


Leverage your proven ability to craft data-driven, integrated marketing strategies that drive measurable business growth. Offer services to research target audiences, conduct competitive analyses, define positioning, and develop detailed multi-channel marketing plans aligned with organizational goals.


With your talent for enhancing brand perception and awareness, provide brand strategy and identity development services. This includes creating compelling brand narratives, messaging frameworks, visual identity systems, and guidelines to ensure consistent brand experiences across touchpoints.


Design and execute highly targeted ABM initiatives to penetrate strategic accounts and accelerate the B2B sales cycle. Services can encompass account profiling, personalized campaigns, content mapping, nurture streams, and analytics to optimize engagement.
Marketing Automation Implementation


As a certified expert across leading platforms like HubSpot, Salesforce, and Zoho CRM, offer marketing automation consulting. Help clients select and integrate the right martech stack, configure complex workflows, design rich nurture paths, and provide training to drive marketing-sales alignment.

Content Marketing

Combine your content creation skills with SEO/SEM, social media, influencer marketing, and distribution expertise to deliver comprehensive content marketing programs that engage audiences, improve findability, and generate quality leads.

Training and Enablement

Conduct workshops, develop learning curriculums, and provide coaching services to upskill internal marketing teams on the latest digital strategies, tools, and best practices – ensuring they can independently plan and execute high-performing campaigns.

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