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90-Day Marketing Jumpstart

Don’t let your marketing efforts stagnate. Ignite your growth with the 90-Day Marketing Jumpstart and experience the power of strategic, executable marketing solutions tailored to your business needs


Imagine a scenario where your business needs a nitro boost to maintain success in today’s fast-paced business world. The 90-Day Marketing Jumpstart program provides a quick and potent strategy that improves all marketing aspects, paving the way for long-term growth. In this engaging program, Neha and her team will immerse themselves in your business, conduct a comprehensive audit, identify your target audience, and craft a tailored 30-60-90 day plan. Our team will fine-tune your website for improved lead generation, execute targeted ad campaigns, and integrate lead generation initiatives for optimal results.

Who Will Benefit?

If you are a startup CEO, CRO, CMO, or a marketing team working without a CMO, a 90-day jumpstart will benefit you greatly

What you will get during
90 Days:

We will guide your team in reinitiating marketing and lead generation activities, tracking campaign performance, and ensuring that her efforts produce results.


90-Day Revenue Reboot


In our 90-Day Marketing Jumpstart consulting package, we dive deep into your business to develop a tailored marketing strategy. From conducting a comprehensive audit to defining target personas and crafting compelling campaigns, we provide strategic guidance to accelerate your marketing efforts. Let’s ignite your brand’s success and achieve rapid growth in 90 days.


We supercharge your marketing efforts with industry-leading tools and software to a curated network of creative professionals and equip your team with everything they need to succeed. With our comprehensive support, you’ll have the resources to execute impactful campaigns and achieve remarkable results in 90 days.


In our 90-Day Marketing Jumpstart, we offer unparalleled leadership to guide your team toward success. Drawing from years of experience and expertise, we provide strategic direction and mentorship to empower your marketing initiatives. With our dedicated support, your team will excel, driving transformative growth for your business in just 90 days.

Training and Coaching

Our 90-Day Marketing Jumpstart offers comprehensive training and coaching to elevate your team’s skills and capabilities. We empower your team to execute marketing strategies with confidence and proficiency through tailored workshops, one-on-one coaching sessions, and hands-on guidance. With our focused training approach, your team will become adept marketers, driving tangible results for your business within just 90 days.

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