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- Neha M Bhhatia
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Marketing Strategy

Crafting a winning marketing strategy is crucial for businesses thriving in competitive landscapes. At NMB agency, we prioritize cohesive, data-driven strategy tailored to your business goals, ensuring effective brand communication, customer engagement, and revenue growth read more...

Marketing Technology

Optimized marketing technology infrastructure is vital for driving efficient work, successful campaign execution and data-driven decision-making. At my agency, we know the importance of technology in modern marketing, which is why we provide Marketing Technology Optimization service read more...

Digital Marketing

The digital landscape is more competitive than ever before. To succeed in this rapidly changing business environment, you need to master the art of online marketing. At Neha M Bhhatia’s agency, digital marketing is our bread and butter read more...

Who is Neha?

Neha M. Bhatia is a B2B marketer who is passionate about helping brands reach new heights with creative and data driven strategies. Known for her talent in creating engaging brand stories and innovative marketing approaches excels at capturing the interest of target audiences. Her skill in building thought leadership is evident from her track record of running campaigns for clients across different industries establishing them as leaders in their fields. Lets work together to develop a story, for your brand—one that truly connects with your audience and brings about the change you aspire to achieve

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